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  • Rolex Style Hash 2 grams

    Rolex Style Hash 2 grams

    Hashish is produced practically everywhere in and around Afghanistan.In Afghanistan Hashish is pressed by hand after the addition of a small quantity of tea or water. The Hashish is worked on until it becomes highly elastic and has a strong…
    5/51 Reviews
  • The Super 4 Mix Variety Pack

    A choice of 4 half ounces (4 x 14grams) of your choice. Simply write your choice of the 4 strains in the NOTE BOX of your order (Not the Review box).
    4.55/513 Reviews

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Welcome to our online weed shop

Here at MariJane Depot, you’ll find a wide range products in our online weed shop, including extracts and concentrates, cannabis oils, hash weed, moonrock weed, shatter weed, wax and budder, weed edibles, weed flowers, and weed vaporizer products. At MariJane Depot, our team of weed shop sommeliers cherish the idea of offering a variety of strains to accommodate your medical needs and preferences with a variety potent, flavourful, and unique cannabis products.

The cannabis extracts and weed concentrates available in our weed shop offer high quality and reliable dosing. We have chosen the CO2 extraction process for the products we offer so that you get pure concentrates with virtually no toxic residue. Our cannabis oils offer different concentrations of THC and CBD to suit your needs. And the concentrations are well-controlled in the cannabis oils available in our weed shop so you can calculate your dose with accuracy while you get unmatched potency, purity, and flavour.

When it comes to hash weed, the MariJane Depot weed shop offers a range of flavours for your bubble hash. You’ll also find Moroccan and Moroccan-style hash, Jamaican red gum hash, and Lebanese-style hash, among others.  Our weed shop also offers a range of flavour choices for your high potency moon rock weed – from original, through several fruit flavors, to caramel. The earthy, nutty flavour and subtle sweetness of original flavour moonrock bud is nicely complemented by the other flavour options, including caramel, peach, strawberry, and vanilla fruit.

Shatter weed is the most potent of the extracts and concentrates available on the MariJane Depot weed shop. Because of this, shatter weed is generally recommended for patients who may require a stronger medication.

Also high on the potency scale are butane hash oils (BHOs) like wax and budder, which you’ll also find in our weed shop. Whether a BHO is called sugar wax, budder, or crumble depends on its consistency and texture.

MariJane Depot weed edibles are crafted with cannabis oil or butter infused with cannabis. We are constantly trying new recipes so that you can find edibles to satisfy your tastes on our weed shopAll weed flowers available in the MariJane Depot weed shop are grown, dried, and cured by professionals with decades of experience using medical grade techniques to produce fully natural, healthy, and potent weed flower products.

Weed vaporizers were designed to overcome the disadvantages of smoking by heating cannabis at a lower temperature than combustion. The inhalable vapor still contains the same active medical ingredients in marijuana, just without the disadvantages associated with smoking. Our weed shop offers several vaporizer products, including disposable e-pens, cannabis oil, e-juice, and CBD drops.