Pineapple Express CBD Drop 15ml (No THC)

Pineapple Express, with its pineapple flavor, is perfect day or night. A moderate consumption during the day is suggested. Effective against muscle pain, stress, anxiety and bad mood.

CBD: 250mg

Terpene profile

0.675% Alpha Pinene

0.312% Beta Pinene

0.851% Myrcene

0.115% Limonene

0.002% Ocimene

0.002% Terpinolene

0.018% Linalool

0.448% Caryophyllene

0.245% Humulene



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Our CBD Drops are perfect for treating several symptoms such as anxiety, lack of concentration/energy, stress, insomnia and many others. The higher the consumption, the more relaxing the effects . Moderate consumption during the day will give you a creative mind and a maximum of focus, while eliminating anxiety and stress spontaneously. The combination of terpenes and cannabidiol creates the “Entourage Effect”, which enhances the healing properties provided by CBD.

They can be consumed orally or can be vaped. They contain only natural ingredients and 100% safe.

Our CBD drops are made with cannabidiol derived from non-synthetic hemp, from organic farming. Our terpenes profiles are blended from the highest available quality, food grade, natural, organic and non-GMO terpenes and are designed to reproduce the effect of the strain they are named after.

Ingredients: vegetable glycerin, natural terpenes, cannabidiol, natural and artificial flavor.


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