Lebanese Blonde (2 grams)

(13 customer reviews)

It’s the smoothest, best grade hashish in the world. Produced in Baalbek in the north of Beirut, Lebanon.


13 reviews for Lebanese Blonde (2 grams)

  1. hashconnoisseur

    Delicious lebanese hash. Authentic honey like taste very smooth and mellow high.
    1 second of lighter flame and it bubbles like crazy!

  2. Trooper88 (verified owner)

    Very good Lebanese hash. Give a very GREAT HIGH. Not to rough for the throat. Great taste.

  3. dobbie (verified owner)

    Love this blonde Lebanese just what I’ve been looking for,love the taste burns real nice, but don’t need to put much in a joint ,one of my favorites, hard to find a good tasting hash these days all kinds of garbage out there,my complements to the chef, you get what you pay for,doesn’t mean that a 25$ a gram is better just personal preference, i have 8 different kinds of hash and this is by far the best one for ME. Thanks marijane depot ,you are my go to place, oh yes very fast shipping 2 days to montreal.😃😎😎😎😎😎

  4. Jacko123

    Ce libanais ma carrément éclater le cerveau tres rare du libanais qui gèle de même

  5. Assenav696 (verified owner)

    Excellent au goût et au buzz

  6. Banshee (verified owner)

    Se libanais blond a une fumer crémeuse et épicé avec un petit goût orangé best hash ever 👌👌👌👌

  7. Dimmer77 (verified owner)

    I love the smell and taste. Really oily and hard to burn and crumble in a joint. Smoked it in a pipe and it was great smoke and I already ordered again. Thanks marijanedepot !

  8. Reverse514 (verified owner)

    Wow le meilleur hash pour moi sur ce site! Pour tout ceux qui aime les hash gommant il est parfait! ça fais plus de 3 mois que je le commande et je suis toujours aussi content de le fumer! Pour les gens qui aime faire des plombs c’est le best il bouille!!!

  9. Goonies (verified owner)

    WOW! C’est de la qualité! Ce hash bouille à l’approche de la chaleur ce qui représente un hashish de qualité! J’adore le hash libanais blond avec son goût si particulier! Très bon high cérébral!

  10. yotsema (verified owner)

    Weird question, usually I smoke hash with a needle and a bottle, but with this one it melts right thru. What would be the best option to smoke it?

  11. hibou canne (verified owner)

    bon H
    mou pi gommant

  12. Daneau (verified owner)

    Très bon

  13. Babast007 (verified owner)

    Un seul mot …. Merci !!!! ☺️🤤🤤🤤🤤

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